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New items from Muddle Designs!

Speckles is the oldest of the Halloween triplets, and he likes to make it known. Very proud of himself, he thinks it’s his duty to protect his little brother and sister. And he’ll do the same for you! Don’t be afraid of ghosts and spooks, no need to fear, Speckles is here!

Just because she’s the youngest doesn’t mean she’s timid. Checkers is the sassiest of the triplets, and she wants the world to know she won’t take any guff! A high sense of fashion, she prefers to spend her Halloween Night in a classy ballgown and attend a masque instead of running around the streets. But that doesn’t make her any less loving of her friends and family.

* No one is more ready for Halloween than Spookers! He and his siblings just LOVE to dress up and go door to door trick-or-treating. He’s so excited, he already has his costume on! The fun loving one of the group, he’s always ready to go on an adventure. So long as it gets him candy in the end!

Peaches is the oldest of the the siblings. She takes care of her younger brother Cream, and is extremely responsible. You never have to worry, she won’t forget a task that’s important!

Cream is Peach’s little brother, and he is a total punk! He likes to show people you don’t have to be normal to be loved, and you don’t have to be normal to rock a green ‘hawk.

And if none of that catches your fancy, we have a brand new item in the shop!  The tea wallet!  A Halloween themed tea wallet featuring “Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble” all over the fabric.  The perfect pun for brewing your favorite tea!

And don’t forget, we have fall themed aprons with owls and scarecrows in stock!  Take advantage before these one of a kind party hosting eye-catchers are sold out!

New and fun creations this autumn season from Muddle Designs!

* Spookers sold at time of posting.

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